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Spot-Oh Services offers a whole lot of cleaning services you may need while staying and/or living in Sydney! No matter how messy, intricate, small or big your residential is, our team got you covered. There are a lot of cleaning services worldwide, but if you are looking for the best cleaning services provider in Sydney, Spot-Oh stands best among the rest.


These are all of the major services which we offer and the commonly availed from us. When you contact us, being on the edge cleaning services provider in your Sydney, you can expect nothing less than exceptional customer care and service quality. Our professional house cleaners will leave no stone unturned in their efforts to make your home spotless.

In a much more particular sense, based on the cleaning package you choose, the house cleaner will conduct a variety of services. Keep in mind that some competitive services that involve more effort will normally incur an additional fee.


Cleaning floor, bedrooms, and bathrooms are all things in which our residential cleaning service specializes in. Cleaning a retail establishment differs significantly from cleaning a person’s house. That is why our house cleaning service will be far more meticulous and detail-oriented. Our cleaning experts are way more qualified to clean your home because they specialize in the type of clutter you would encounter in your own residence.

Cleaning isn’t the only aspect of our housekeeping service. It includes keeping living places clean and organized, keeping hallways and floors free of tripping hazards, and removing waste products (such as paper and cardboard, and others). It also necessitates paying close attention to maintenance, dust and dirt removal, surfaces, and waste disposal.


Aside from all the cleaning services provided, Spot-Oh team welcomes any specific or customized cleaning services that you wish to avail. We may be adaptable to match your budget and cleaning needs, from the chores on our cleaning schedules to the regularity of service. Our contact information is always open to answer any of your queries.

Are you unsure what particular requests you should take into account? The following are among the most prevalent personalized cleaning preferences among householders:

  • Utilising disinfectants in moderation
  • Avoiding allergies is a priority.
  • Applying special cleaning supplies
  • Avoiding certain areas
  • Avoiding certain types of furniture


  • Scheduled Cleaning (Weekly, fortnightly, tri-weekly, monthly)
  • Spring Clean / One off Cleaning
  • End of Lease / Move-Out / Vacate Clean
  • Start of Lease / Move-In Clean
  • End of Build Clean (Post Construction)
  • Final Clean (Post Construction)
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